Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

PROJECT: Reduce, reuse and recycle - remanufacturing unavoidable waste – 2023/363890

Financed by Innovation Norway; EEA and Norway Grants 2014 – 2021 , “Business Development and Innovation Croatia” Programme.
The programme objective is: Increased value creation and sustainable growth.
The programme is funded entirely by the Norway Grants.


As one of the leading innovators in Croatia in waste management, the Applicant regards sustainability as MOVING BEYOND WASTE MANAGEMENT towards a green economy, striving to reduce the ‘inflow’ of new resources, especially non-renewable resources, to use, re-use and valorize the resources in the economy as much as possible, and to minimize the ‘outflow’ of waste and emissions, including pertaining to our production processes as reduction of the energy used.

The use of energy as a large input to processes cannot be avoided in our industry, however there are ways of using its resources carefully and sparingly. For instance, depending on the energy used for machine drive, changing diesel fuel to electrical renewable energy, and making it cost effective (with integrated solar power plant to generate electricity), and with use of BAT equipment, reduce of related emissions can be to a minimum.

The unavoidable waste plastic is one of the three challenging sectors in a waste stream. Less than 10% of plastic waste generated globally has been recycled so far. As recycling capacity is currently unable to handle the amount and types of plastic discarded, immediate solutions are required.

Project directly addresses the identified need for;

  • more sustainable use of energy in production – change to RENEWABLE SOURCE OF ENERGY
  • implementing new technologies and processes for exceed materials separation objectives for re use of RAW MATERIALS – RECIRCULATION
  • supplement to existing waste recovery concepts by implementing new technologies for remanufacturing of recycled plastic NEW END PRODUCT
  • empower CARBON EFFICIENT collection and recovery: reduce vehicle usage, driving distances and fuel consumption


Focus area of the Project is Green Industry Innovation. 

The Project is tailored to address above identified needs and foster sustainable development of the Applicant with expected outcome in the form of growth in turnover and growth in net operational profit, increase of employment (3 new jobs created), hence to increase the Applicant competitiveness. 

Project budget: 1.069.962 EUR
Project implementation period: 1.5.2023. – 30.4.2024.
Project Expected Outcome: Increased competitiveness of the company distances and fuel consumption

Project Output Indicators – innovation level:

  • solutions in waste management industry new to the Applicant
  • technologies for handling equipment and for raw materials extraction new to the Applicant
  • technology and processes for remanufacturing plastic waste new to the Applicant and Croatian market


In refer to the environmental indicators the Project will contribute to following mandatory and optional outcomes:

  • decrease CO2 emissions
  • decrease in electric energy and fuel consumption
  • decrease in plastic waste
  • decrease in aluminum waste
  • increase reuse of raw materials otherwise would be disposed
  • decrease of transport and manipulation in processes

Moving beyond waste management towards a green economy

November 2023.

1st milestone in carrying out of project activities;
1. Implementation and investment in innovative environmental friendly technologies


New solutions in waste management industry new to the Applicant successfully implemented in production processes: Eddie Current Separator and Industrial Handler.

New separator has multiple impacts: rising productivity and effectiveness for raw material separation, 30% more efficient extraction of useful materials from the same quantity of bulk waste before the project. As the separator is a mobile unit, it also additionally cut’s extensive manipulation of the waste within process, thus significantly decreasing energy used/t of waste manipulated. New Industrial Handler enables fast and effective manipulation of bulk material, while it’s intelligent engine technology results in 30% reduce of needed handling energy/t.

December 2023.

2nd milestone in carrying out of project activities;
2. Implementation of “greener production processes”

Adjusting production facility:

Adjusted production facility fully operating. New layout is ready for new production process planned within the project. New layout enables effective processing of bulk plastic waste (high in volumes), but it also allows it’s further manipulation considering other aspects, like taking into account health issues and better working conditions.